I want you to get it.
I apologize that we have been a bit –blageau (cloudy) [unclear] translucent.
Come into these words. I want you to understand them.
You may misconstrue, misread or misinterpret; just don’t neglect to get in it.
Feel it to its full comprehension.
Let your fingers sink in the substance and dig around.
Because I really want you to feel,
I cant let a chance to touch something solid pass us by.
When I write I always want it to be significant,
I like when it rocks my perception—makes my thoughts open up.
Sometimes I just let the words run wild.
I skip back to it and I’ve just realized you have no clue what I’m talking about.
I think you need to feel it too.
I’m not looking for a shared experience…I guess I’m just looking to share.
So take my apology for every over-thought apostrophe, every idea so surreal Dali couldn’t paint it. 
It’s more important that you are touching it than passing your eyes over top of big, insignificant words.
“Draw me unto you and we will run together,”
I will be clear and you can really get it.



I’ll keep the parts i like



I’ll keep the parts I like,

And leave the parts I don’t.

Keep what I can with me,

I won’t let it be for nothing.

It’ll be quite a bit of something actually.

Just because I need it to be,

Just because I want you to be

Getting Over It

What does “getting over it” even mean?  Forgetting? …pretending it never happened?…or just moving in a new direction?


So is that it

I’m back where I started from?

How do I get over someone I fell in love, I still love

Can I?

So I tried to give you up a long time ago

It didn’t work.  Do I really think it will this time?